I attended the Sustainable Design Workshops of DPC Associates Sustainable Design Solutions headed by the Architect and LEED AP - Mr. Douglas P. Casper, Plainview, NY - a number of times, to satisfy my continuing Education requirements as an architect. Mr. Casper has a deep understanding of ecological design and sustainability related to building design and this is evident in his well structured seminar events. I found the workshops to be very beneficial and extremely well organized. They help promote sustainable design education for design professionals. I plan to attend many more of these interesting Workshops to keep abreast of the fields of sustainable design and architecture.

Uriel Arik Stern,


I am really glad I got the opportunity to attend the June 30 event in Secaucus, NJ. So far the most informative workshop I have attended...

Silvana Salas,

Industrial Engineer

I am an Architect/Planner AIA/LEED AP BD+C and have been attending your workshops for several years in order to help to successfully maintain my professional continuing education reguirements. I very much enjoy your sustainable design workshops and find them to be excellent and informative. I have gained further knowledge of green technology from you, your guest speakers and guest vendors in a wide range of fields including site and environmental sustainability, water efficiency and energy consumption.

Rene Robert Mueller,

Architect / Planner / AIA / NCARB / HTL / LEED AP

As a participant o several of your professional programs offered by DPC, I want to thank you for providing these valuable classes to the profession. I have found them to have timely content directed at current trends and market as well as refresher insight to my every day activities. Your selection of presenters are always outstanding, may leaders in the area of the discipline being discussed. Your programs are vital to the profession in maintaining our professional licensure as well as our day to day conduct, I applaud all you efforts and thank you for it. I look forward to your future programs, and remain with fond regards,

Louis A. DiGeronimo,


A great & informative speaker. He knows the topic well and explained in details for those who are not familiar with topics. He is always willing to talk one to one after the lecture. Strongly recommend to attend to his lectures.

David J. Bradbury,


I attended a seminar on Green Buildings organized by Mr. Casper. There were a number of speakers including Mr. Casper. I was highly impressed by the coordination of the speakers, the relevance of the material and the quality of presentations. Mr. Casper provided a day long series of seminars which were consistently interesting and which demonstrated a good balance between practice and theory.

Anna Abramowicz,


I have atttended seminars organized by Mr. Casper, and where Mr. Casper was a presenter. Mr. Casper is a very good speaker and is very knowledgable of the material being presented.

Howard C. Schadt,


Just a note of thanks for the well prepared, well presented seminar on SUSTAINABLE DESIGN. It was worth the one and a half hour wait in traffic to get there. More Power to you!

Yar Kunycia,


The last Press Box session was my first and I was REALLY impressed with the format, the information, the turnout and that all the food was included. Well worth the money and the time spent.

Mia Jealous-Dank,

Owner, ATJD Architecture & Planning

PC; referring to the Sustainable Design Workshop, held in Manhattan on October 22, 2008